Opening Hours on Public Holidays

Here are the opening hours for our five coffee shops during Public Holidays until July, 2019                 Torvehallerne April 18: 08.00-18.00 April 19: 08.00-18.00 April 21: 08.00-18.00 April 22: 08.00-18.00 May 1: 07:00-19.00 May 17: 08.00-18.00 May 30: 08.00-18.00 June 9: 08.00-18.00 June 10: 08.00-18.00 Jægersborggade April 18: 08.00-18.00 […]

Sustainability Report 2018

We believe that as a company we must strive for sustainability in order to succeed. However, at the same time, we believe that sustainability is an ideal that is difficult to claim one has reached. In reality, only time can tell if one’s actions really have been sustainable.At The Coffee Collective we strive to continuously improve our sustainability and recognize that it is more […]

Kieni 2018

In January I, Sebastian, got the chance to join Klaus on his annual post-harvest trip to Kenya. The main aim of this trip is to select the precise coffees we will buy from this harvest (more about this later)  and beyond that to exchange with the farmers with regards to the out-turn of the harvest, […]

10 year birthday celebration

On the 15th of February it will be ten years since we moved in to the basement at Jægersborggade and opened a micro roastery and coffee shop. We are excited about this anniversary and want to celebrate it with our beloved guests, so on this Thursday all coffee drinks will be sold for 10 kr. (10 […]

Fazenda Daterra 2017

It is the 10th year The Coffee Collective pays a visit to Daterra in Brazil. Every year there are so many things evolving around the farm. The other thing always impressing is the amount of knowledge already present and still expanding. There is a curiosity among these people that is breathtaking. Coming in by plane […]

Christmas Packages 2016

It’s December, so we’ve put together four great Christmas packages for you to enjoy over the holidays. These Christmas packages are available in our webshop or at our three coffee shops in Copenhagen.   AeroPress + Coffee DKK 299,- AeroPress is a super simple and versatile brewing device that allows you to make anything from […]

The Bamboo Cup

We’re excited! On Monday 10/10/16 we introduce a new circular organic bamboo cup system for our to-go guests, with the aim of lowering our environmental impact across our coffee bars as we’ll be decreasing the number of the single-use paper cups that flow through our coffee shops every day. We drink a lot of coffee […]

Subscription FAQ

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions about our subscriptions. Feel free to contact us at if you have any other questions. Do you ship to all countries and what’s the delivery time? Yes, we ship worldwide. The delivery time depends on your location. It can be anything from 2 – 15 working days. We’re […]