Gifts That Fit Perfectly Under Your Christmas Tree -

Christmas is rapidly approaching; spruce decorating the doors of Copenhagen, traditional holiday biscuits made with your Grandmother’s recipe, and the hassle on the streets like last year and the year before. It’s that time of the year.

Like us, you may not have finished buying all of your gifts yet? Christmas gifts, hostess gifts or the almond prize, if you’re in charge of the desert this year. Do not despair, we’ve got your back.


For Those Slow Mornings

Kalita Hand Brew Package Coffee Collective


The Hand Brew Package

Here, you’ve got everything you need for those slow mornings. We’ve even put in a bag of coffee, so you can get on with brewing right away.

If you’d like to add an experience to the gift, our Black Coffee Course goes great with this gift. At the course, we teach you everything there’s to know when brewing with a Kalita.


The package includes: 
Kalita Dripper Steel – 185ml
Kalita Filters (100 pcs) – 185ml
Kalita Glass Server – 500ml
250g bag of coffee of your choice


For Those Always on the Move

AeroPress Package Coffee Collective


The AeroPress Package

Brew a cup of coffee with resemblance to the result you get using a French press. The AeroPress takes up minimum space in the kitchen, it’s travel-friendly and easy to clean.

The AeroPress comes with our book, God Kaffe and a bag of our coffee. The book works well as a coffee encyclopedia or as a great read while you enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.

This gift also goes great with our course in Black Coffee, where we get around this brewing method as well.


The AeroPress Package includes:
AeroPress (incl. filters)
God Kaffe book (in Danish)
250g bag of coffee of your choice 


For Those Seeking Indulgence

December Deal Coffee Collective


The December Deal

The December Deal is an extremely good offer, and a gift everyone can use. It also makes for a perfect Almond Prize or hostess gift. Unless, you decide to keep the coffee for yourself. It is after all important to stock up on good coffee during the holiday.


The December Deal includes 4 bags of coffee for the price of 3. 


For Those who Like to Feel Special

December Deal Coffee Collective


Three Months Subscription

With the 3-months subscription we assemble a box of coffee for you every month starting January 3rd. Be surprised with exclusive coffees only available for subscribers and coffee from our regular selection. We ship the coffee directly to your doorstep.


The Gift for Everyone

It can be quite a challenge buying a present for the coffee lover who already has all the equipment you can think of. Make the save choice and give a gift card instead. You can buy it in all coffee shops and the webshop.



The Christmas Deals are available in our coffee shops and web shop. We’ll wrap up your gift in an elegant, black cotton bag. If you order online, make sure to place it on or before December 19, which is the last date we’ll ship within Denmark. 

Remember to stock up on coffee beans for the holiday – our coffee shops are closed during Christmas, but we back behind the bar on December 27. 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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