Christmas Offers

It’s December, so we’ve put together four great Christmas packages for you to enjoy over the holidays. These Christmas packages are available in our webshop or at our three coffee shops in Copenhagen.


AeroPress is a super simple and versatile brewing device that allows you to make anything from a clean, delicate cup of black coffee to a strong concentrate. The AeroPress comes with a coffee of your choice.

Kalita Wave Style + Coffee DKK 490,-

The Kalita Wave Style 185 Glass Brewer + a coffee of your choice.

The Kalita Wave filter dripper is one of our favorite pour-over options. The Kalita Wave gives a great extraction of all the coffee and yields a lot of flavour overall. We get very consistent results with this.

Book “God Kaffe” + Taster Package DKK 599,-

If you really want to dig in to the world of coffee, get our book “God Kaffe” and the taster package. We’ve written about all things coffee, from farming to the barista craft. With four bags (4 x 250 grams) of coffee you get to taste and discover the differences in our selection of coffees.



Kalita Set DKK 799,-

Kalita Wave 185 Steel Dripper + 100 Filters + Pouring Pot + Coffee

Get complete control over your  pour-over with this high quality set. The Kalita Wave 185 steel dripper gives an even extraction and the pouring pot enables you to pour just the way you want to. It comes with a coffee of your choice.

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