El Salvador 2016

El Salvador Last year we bought coffee from 2 small producers in the Buenos Aires community in El Salvador. So Linus went there in in mid march to follow up on the past and see what could be the future. Juana Salvadora Barrientos had a remarkable taste profile in her coffee which was bursting with […]

Guatemala 2016

Filled with almost anxious anticipation I (Astrid), together with Linus, arrive in Guatemala City. We are picked up at the airport by Edwin Jr. Martinez, our producer and friend from Finca Vista Hermosa, and his colleagues from Onyx Coffee Blake and Julio. The drive through Guatemala City to Edwin’s grandparents’ house is overwhelming. The streets […]

Panama 2016

In March 2016, Linus and Astrid went to visit producers we prevoiusly had bought from in Panama and Guatemala. Linus then went on alone to El Salvador.   Esmeralda 2016 From the moment I started working in coffee, Esmeralda La Hacienda has been a name I’ve equated with quality. It is highly recognized and appreciated […]

New coffee: Duber Rojas

This year we’re bringing in some more coffees from single producers in Colombia. One of the great things about Colombia is that they harvest year round, meaning that we can get fresh coffees several times a year. On our Colombia trip in September we visited a bunch of producers and signed contracts with them individually. Now […]