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We are very excited to finally launch our new international subscription service and will send out the first coffees tomorrow – Tuesday October 7th.

For just DKK 267 ($46, €38) a month you’ll get 3 bags of 250 g coffee sent directly to your doorsteps. If you are outside the EU you’ll pay even less as the Danish VAT (25%) is deducted!

You can choose between two subscriptions: One for Espresso and one for Filter/Frech Press/Aeropress. The coffees will be from our range of Direct Trade coffees on offer, but occasionally also include exclusive microlots, special roasts or experiments we’ve conducted with farmers. We’ll send two bags of one kind and one of another.

We have been running our subscription service in Denmark for the past half a year, with great success. Simultaneously we’ve had many requests on twitter and via emails from people abroad, who really wanted to subscribe. We have customers ordering from places like Japan, Korea, South Africa and California all the time, even back when our shop was only in Danish (Thanks Google Translate!).

Finally we’ve found a cost-effective and fast shipment option via regular mail, sent as a letter, that allow us to ship free of charge to (almost) everywhere in the world*. We’ve tested the shipment and delivery times on friends from Australia to Canada and everything has gone smoothly. Shipment times vary depending on countries but most make the trip within a week. *There are a few exceptions, like Russia and Brazil that have very strict rules for import.

The fresh roasted coffees will be sent out every first Tuesday of the month. To preserve freshness we’ll only send whole beans and every bag is nitrogen flushed.

The subscription is now available on Or jump directly to:

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