FOB Price on Label

We are now launching an idea we have had since we started The Coffee Collective. We feel that its time to make it transparent for the consumers what is actually paid for the green beans. When we started buying green beans in The Coffee Collective in 2007 we had the same idea, but we understood […]

Black Coffee Brew Down Recap

Just a quick update here from us on the Black Coffee Brew Down we hosted last Friday. First off, GREAT coverage by Danish newspaper Politiken on the event: Politiken’s iByen had been to the last Brew Down and really captured the feel of the event and why we (baristas) feel it’s important.  “When you […]

Black Coffee Brew Down

This Friday we’re hosting the ultimate black coffee brew down at Godthåbsvej! Aeropress, Kalita Wava, Hario V60, French Press, Espro Press, Siphon, Woodneck, whatever black coffee brewer you want – you choose and compete with the best you got. The event is free and open to anyone. We start at 19.00 and the competition itself […]

Fresh crops are in!

Today we’re releasing the fresh crop Kieni, Gichathaini and Esmeralda ! We’re going into our fourth year with Kieni now and thrilled to see the quality grow. This year’s harvest is the best we’ve had from them. Incredible structure and mouthfeel, intense and deep, juicy acidity, black currant, rose flowers and brown sugar. Last year […]