Opening Hours Holidays

The holidays are almost here, and if you want to get some gifts or just sit down for a while, see when below. Please note that the hours are not the same at all places. Here are the opening hours: TORVEHALLERNE 20/12    7-2121/12    7-2122/12    8-2123/12    8-1924/12 CLOSED25/12 CLOSED26/12 CLOSED27/12    8-2028/12    8-2029/12    8-2030/12    8-1931/12    8-151/1       CLOSED2/1       […]

Yukro visit late 2012

Ethiopia. Ancient Abyssinia. Birthplace of Arabica coffee. (I really wish I could do an intro to this blog post narrated by David Attenborough.) What a magnificent place.The harvest in Ethiopia this year looks to be small – about 30% less than last year from what we heard. Many places experience bi-annual cycles, where one year […]

Christmas Offers

If you still haven’t bought Christmas presents, we have some great offers in stores for you: Aeropress + 1 bag of coffee (your choice)SAVE 50,- God Kaffe + 1 bag Finca Vista Hermosa + 1 bag of coffee (your choice)SAVE 80,- God Kaffe + Wilfa coffee grinder MALTKr 750,-  SAVE 148,- Taster Package:4 x 250 […]