Panama 2012

In the end of April I went down to visit the good people at Hacienda La Esmeralda in Boquete, Panama. This was my first time in Panama and having enjoyed drinking the Esmeralda coffee  alot for the last couple of years I was very interested to finally go visit and see what it is that […]

Kieni Espresso is back !

Back by popular demand: Kieni Espresso. There was quite an outcry last fall when we finished with the Kieni Espresso, so we’re very happy to re-introduce it to our line-up. This is also the coffee that Torfi used for the WBC and Danish Barista Championship. It’s of course the fresh crop that came in a […]

A short introduction to Torfi

A few weeks ago one of our baristas won the Danish Barista Championship. Today we had his grand rehearsal before going to the WBC and we thought we should probably introduce him a little better to the readers of this blog. His name is Torfi Þór Torfason. Yes, that’s not a traditional Danish name. Torfi […]

Kontormedarbejder til TCC

Vi søger en fuldtid kontormedarbejder. The Coffee Collective er startet i 2007 af de 4 ejere, som i dag driver virksomheden. De seneste år er vi vokset en del og er nu i alt er ca. 35 medarbejdere fordelt på tre kaffebarer, risteri og kontor. Vores administrative opgaver forøges i takt dermed. Derfor søger vi […]