3 Weeks From Kieni

To showcase the subtle nuances in coffee, that we as cuppers get to experience and come to love, this month we’ll be roasting three different lots from Kieni and sell as a package. The three lots are from three consecutive weeks, harvested the first three weeks of December last year. The lots are called Lot […]

Barista DM Info

Barista i DM Infoaften Kom og hør lidt om hvad Barista mesterskaberne egentlig går ud på, og hvordan du kan forberede dig på at stille op. Barista Verdensmester 2006 Klaus Thomsen vil fortælle om konkurrencen og give tips og tricks til hvordan man kan skrue en præsentation sammen. Der vil være rig mulighed for at […]

Barista Jam at Torvehallerne

Throwdown at Torvehallerne November 10th It’s time for the first Latte Art Throwdown in Torvehallerne. Come and challenge your colleagues on the infamous Spirit espresso machine. You don’t need to be a master of the milk or a barista champion to be in on the fun. Bring 10 Danish Kroner to enter and the winner […]