New Espresso from Kieni

Today we’re lauching a new espresso from the Kieni wetmill in Kenya. It’s an aromatic bomb with loads of sweet fruit and berrylike acidity. Citrus, black currant and cherries stand out in the aroma. We think the aftertaste is amazing and in milk those aromas just pop out and you can feel a funny balance […]

Copenhagen tips

With the Nordic Barista Cup coming up and generally a lot of people visiting Copenhagen these days, we’re getting a lot of emails, facebook and twitter messages asking for advice on where to go. So I thought I’d just sum up some recommendations for you all. This is by no means a ranking and there’s […]

New Barista Courses

We have put up new barista courses for the next half year on our webshop: There’s is one course per month. If a month sells out we’ll try to put an extra course up the same month. This is our home-barista course aimed at enthusiasts with an espresso machine and grinder at home. We’ll […]