Copenhagen Cooking

This week the Nordic food festival Copenhagen Cooking is taking place here in our fair city.We’ll be part of it trying to expand people’s horizon on what coffee can be. At Taste The World 25 top restaurants will be showcasing their cuisine, amongst them Michelin star Vietnamese restaurant Kiin Kiin. We will be there serving […]

Daterra 2010 visit part 3

See part 1 here or 2 here After harvest the coffee cherries arrives at the Wet Mill receiving station where it undergoes several sortings already. The over-ripe Raisins are separated from the unripe green and fully ripe red or yellow cherries in a floater – the overripe stays on top of the water and the […]

Daterra 2010 visit part 2

Daterra 2010 visit part 2 See part 1 hereDaterra grows several varieties – or cultivars to be accurate: Mundo Novo, Bourbon, Catuaí, Icatú and Acaiá, and several of these in both red and yellow varieties. Besides those there’s also some experimental cultivars, amongst those the Aramosa, which is a low-caffeine crossing of the species Arabica […]

Daterra 2010 visit part 1

When we originally started planning The Coffee Collective, Daterra was the first farm we knew we’d buy from. Back in 2005 when Peter and I was training for the barista championship and developing the blend I was going to use, we visited Daterra and had a true Eureka! moment when we cupped the Daterrra Sweet […]

Last cupping session with Jordan!

Unfortunately Jordan Barber is heading back to the states soon, so tomorrow wednesday the 4th will be the last open summer cupping session. Please drop by at 16:00 hour. We have heaps of beautiful and fruity summercoffees fresh from the roaster and ready to hit the spots on Your tongue. (La Esmeralda Special, Kieni, Gatina) […]