Visit from down-under

This week we had a visit from the current Australian barista champion, Scottie Callaghan.Scottie is the 2006 World Latte Art Champion and also won the ABC (Australian Barista Championship) in 2007, representing Oz at the WBC in Tokyo. Back in 2006 I visited Australia and met Scottie who’s personality and commitment to coffee instantly impressed […]

Chemical reactions vs. physical changes at 1st pop

While roasting coffee at lot of different chemical reactions is going on in the bean. These reactions are very complex and are responsible for the development of coffees flavour. Some of the chemical reactions in roasting are endothermical (demanding energy to proceed) others are exothemical (producing energy while proceeding). I recall to have heard that […]

Guatemala trip 2010

As part of our Direct Trade programme Casper is off to Guatemala, more specifically to the Huehuetenango region, to visit Finca Vista Hermosa with Edwin Martinez. Huehuetenango is a city in the North West of Guatemala, but is also the name of one of the 8 coffee growing regions in Guatemala, marketed by the Guatamalan […]

More coffee beer

A few weeks ago we drank about 30 litres of a certain Coffee Stout brewed with our Kiawamururu, Kenya AA Top, to celebrate our two year anniversary. It was brewed by guest-brewmaster Sean at Nørrebro Bryghus, and it was delightful. Now there’s a new coffee beer! Danish wünderkind Mikkel Borg Bjergsø of Mikkeller, who just […]

Idido Limited Roast

As with the Esmeralda, we’re also only roasting the light Idido on demand at the moment to keep it fresh. We’ll be roasting up a batch tomorrow, so place your orders on the webshop before noon tomorrow to get it sent out straight from the roaster. Webshop orders are sent out every Tuesday afternoon.