Direct Trade Coffee Break

Tuesday October 20th the Fair Trade organization stages a national Coffee Break. Sometime between 8.00 and 20.00 you are encouraged to have a Fair Trade coffee break. While we fundamentally support the idea of securing a minimum payment to the farmers, we thought it might be high time to talk a little about some drawbacks […]

Drop Coffee Video

Alexander Ruas from Drop Coffee in Stockholm sent us a link to this video: This morning we were treated to a sample session of Aricha by the Coffee Collective @ Drop Coffee.Same coffee, same brewing method, same amount of water. First cup used 15 grams and the second cup used 17 plus a little coarser […]


The following is a newsletter in Danish by food writer Maria Holm and photograper Maria P. Each month they do a “Food Letter” and this month we are proud to be featured. To read it in it’s original place visit the Maria P website Efteråret er over os og hvad er bedre end at lune […]