NBC 2009 champions: DENMARK

In case you didn’t follow the adventure on Twitter, the Danish team won the Nordic Barista Cup 2009! Karen, Ea, Morten and Samuli were a wonderful team. They always looked like they had fun and made sure everyone around them were enjoying themselves.They’ll be going to Costa Rica in January (harvest season) as their winning […]

It’s begun…

Barista Magazine already has lots of pictures up and will be blogging the whole event.Meanwhile I’ve set up at Twitter feed here on our blog, so in the right panel you should be able to follow the updates. Online connection is on and off though, so excuse if there’s a lack of updates.

NBC intro

Last night everybody met up at the official Meet N Greet party. It feels more like a family reunion than a competition about to start. It was great to see so many friendly faces (and there’s too many for me to mention them all). Of course the Nordic countries are over-represented, but we also have […]


I’m writing from Iceland where the Nordic Barista Cup 2009 will take place in just a few days. I’ve been to every NBC so far and it’s always great fun. Last year it was cancelled though, and only the Nordic Roaster event took place. But, for the past years I’ve either been a team member, […]

Finca Vista Hermosa 2009

Yes, two weeks ago we unloaded the container with the new crop Finca Vista Hermosa. Now we’ve done several batches to nail the profile on this years harvest and will on wednesday the fresh crop will be on the shelves. All day wednesday we’ll be giving out free samples of French Pressed FVH, so come […]


Since the beginning of the summer we’ve been serving cups of Aeropressed coffee in the coffee shop with great succes. You can choose between any of our coffees freshly brewed just for you. The Aeropress has also been for sale in the shop, so you can enjoy it at home. The Aeropress is now also […]