Congratulations Gwilym Davies !

Gwilym Davies from UKwon the WBC in a grand manner. He seemed to be the most surprised of everybody dispite the fact fact that he did one of the most interesting presentations ever seen in WBC history. And congratulations Anette Moldvaer from Square Mile- she roasted the coffee ! Ben Kaminsky won the Cuptasting Championship […]

Denmark vs Sweden via Norway

We thought we should kicksstart this great week with a battle. The WBC just around the corner and the whole coffeecommunity on it´s toes for a culinaric marathon in Atlanta. I was just in my hometown Göteborg, Sweden and quickly had a chat with headroaster Per at da Matteo. He gave me some of the […]

Morten goes to Atlanta

Danish Barista Champion Morten Vestenaa is getting ready to represent our tiny nation in the 2009 World Barista Championship in Atlanta which happens just next week! His grand rehearsel has actually taken place just as I write this. This year I will be staying home with my little son and enjoy some family time. It’s […]