Huehue etc

Not many words from this side of the atlantic and caribbean, but there is plenty to tell.  This month is full of fieldtrips for us, I left Copenhagen 1 day before Peter was coming home from Kenya. I  am now in Guatemala City after some intense days in the mountains of Huehuetenango.  I am visiting […]

Kenya 2009 – 3

After some exciting days with lots of cupping and visiting a good handfull of cooperatives, I am now on my way home (well I was at the time of writing) and can look back on a fantastic kafferejse. We have cupped some great Kenyan coffees and met some of the amazing people who have created […]

Kenya 2009 – 1

Just a brief note from Kenya. This is a wonderfull place! We just arrived in Nyeri today, which has the most fantastic view of Mount Kenya. On the way to Nyeri we visited Ndaroini Coop and I brought back their coffee in one of our bags. This is one of the greatest experiences for me […]