Thank you !

Now we´re slowly catching up again and we hope everbody made it safely home. We want to direct a big thank you to everbody during a fantastic coffee week in Copenhagen. We saw so many nice people and had so many interesting discussions that we want to express an enormous gratitude to everyone. Thank you.

Clips and stuff from the past week

Yes, it’s been a great week! We’re all a little exhausted, but we will definitely post about our experiences during the whole Wonderful Cofffee SCAE event as soon as possible. Meanwhile you can watch Casper’s cupping here: There’s also a short clip on TV2 Lorry and an article (in Danish) here and here. We’ll try […]

WBC days

What are the collective doing during WBC and SCAE Wonderful Coffee? Well, the coffee shop is open as usual except on Sunday where we’ll be closing down the shop during the finals of the WBC. We’ve had a great many of our international coffee friends visiting us and look forward to welcoming even more. As […]

Nordic Coffee Map

Our friend Jeppe (the boyfriend of the 2007 Danish Barista Champion Lene Hyldahl, and co-owner of Behag Din Smag in Ålborg) has created a Nordic Espresso Map for all you foreign people who will be visiting Scandinavia for the World Barista Championship. Link to the Nordic Espresso MapZoom in on Copenhagen for more detailed view […]

Meet The Farmers

Quality coffee begins at the farm. The hard work that is done there is essential to the quality we – as a roaster – want to bring to our customers. In the days prior to the WBC we will get a visit from two of the farms we work with. Both have offered to come […]