SCAE event

Yesterday we hosted the SCAE press conference for the upcoming Wonderful Coffee. The Danish SCAE chapter organised the event and all we had to do was open the doors and let them in. Danish Champion Søren Stiller Markussen, who also happens to be the National Coordinator for SCAE Denmark, made a presentation of his cappuccinos […]

WBC approaching

Three and a half weeks till the World Barista Championship here in Copenhagen. By this time the baristas should have gotten their whole presentation together and hopefully they are just doing run-throughs of their set to practice from now till then. At the Collective we’re gearing up to the event already. We’re training the Danish […]

FVH – the movie

Blogger presents…A Coffee Collective Production…Starring…Finca Vista Hermosa! Just for fun I assembled this little video clip from my camera. I did nothing to make this look good or sound nice – so you can hear the real noise. Hopefully next time we go, we can bring a proper camera and show some more of what’s […]


DK4’s program Luksus visited us some weeks ago. Their filming and interviewing have come together in a nice little segment which you can view on DK4 at the following times: 17-05-2008 09:30Luksus 08 (4) 19-05-2008 04:00Luksus 08 (4) 20-05-2008 11:30Luksus 08 (5) Hope you’ll be able to catch it, as it’s not coming online.

Shakerato Time!

Summer time has come to Copenhagen (at least for a short visit). Over 20 degrees C in the shade this week, which is niiiice for us. It gets a little warm in the roastery when we’re roasting, but we wouldn’t dream of complaining. But it means that our lovely americanos must clear the way for […]

Cupping FVH lots

When I was in Guatemala to visit Finca Vista Hermosa about a month and a half ago Edwin gave me samples of the different lots they have. He took it from the bags that were getting their reposo (resting period) – before it goes to the dry mill. So the beans were still in their […]