Stupid Americanos!

At our new place we have been experimenting a bit with the well-known drink Americano. None of us in the collective have actually been very fond of this drink previously. But now things are looking different. What we’ve been doing is taking one of our coffees roasted for French Press or filter – in other […]

Guatemala and Finca Vista Hermosa Trip 2008 pt 2

Finca Vista Hermosa is situated in a picturesque landscape surrounded by mountains reaching up to 3.400 masl. The farm itself consists of 7 lots: Finca Vista Hermosa (from which we got our coffee), Michicoy (which was actually the first lot grandfather Don Felipe bought), El Eden, Edlina, El Mirador, El Cypresal and La Vega. Located […]

Training with the Champions

I still haven’t gotten around to posting about my Guatemala trip. But I have an excuse. Last week we had three full days of training with the Mexican Barista Champion, Salvador “Chava” Benitez Espinosa. Chava won the Mexican barista championship again this year. He impressed a lot of people in Tokyo with his presentation but […]