Thursday last week I went to visit the Mahlkönig factory in Hamburg, Germany. I think it’s fascinating to see how the machines we surround ourselves with every day come to life, so when I got the invitation to go I was quick to do it. Mahlkönig are a big part of the specialty coffee world […]


December is a great month. Christmas, New Years, lots of good food, happy people, time to visit your relatives, light candles, give and receive gifts. But for me it’s also a great month because it allows me to indulge in that second favorite warm drink after coffee: Gløgg! To those who don’t know this, it […]


Yes. T-shirts seem to be an integral part of the specialty coffee world. We don’t worry about seeming like utter geeks about our jobs when wearing a T-Shirt with a huge tamper on the front. During the years I’ve collected quite a few T-Shirts from different companies; Clover, La Marzocco, Viva Barista, Stumptown, different origin […]