Green beans for sale … and more

From today all our green coffees are available to purchase on our webshop. We have decided to let home roasting enthusiasts enjoy the coffees we have carefully sourced and imported. Go here to purchase the coffees. So, what else have we been up to lately? Well, I (Klaus) have gotten Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which have […]

Field Trip Ethiopia 2007

On the 3rd of November I will be going to Ethiopia to search for a good Direct Trade partner for us. Ethiopia is high on our list of origins. Coffee from Ethiopia is very intriguing since the quality is extremely broad. Both the very different flavours of forinstance Harar vs. Yirgachefe and the difference in […]

A visit from Australia

David Makin, the 2006 Australian Barista Champion, visited Copenhagen during the weekend. He’s on a world coffee tour to gather inspiration, see different roast styles, taste lots of espressos and meet a lot of people. He’s been through Portland (Stumptown), Seattle (Zoka), Vancouver (49th and Mark Prince), Chicago (Intelligensia) and now Copenhagen where I had […]

Farmers Marked cancelled!

We have just been informed that Farmers Marked sadly is cancelled for the rest of the year. This is due to bad wether conditions and too much working mess in Jægersborggade. We have had some good times there and look foreward to the Christmas Marked which is on the 7. of December.Thank you to everyone […]

Buy our coffee directly

Today we launch The Coffee Collective Webshop at This means you’ll be able to purchase our selection of coffees through a secure online connection and pay with your credit card. The fresh roasted coffee will then be shipped immediately. The site is for now only in Danish. However, we do send to anywhere in […]


Brand spanking new. Straight outta Italy. Finished less than a week ago. Our La Marzocco GB/5 is here. And man, did it feel good to unwrap it. I especially enjoy pulling off the film on the outside. We had the good people at La Marzocco do a couple of special things on this machine: 0.6 […]


We didnt tell you enough about Koppi- a recently started microroastery and cafe in Helsingborg. The doors will soon be open. Many of you might already know about them, but lets be clear- Anne and Charles has something wild going on up in Helsingborg ! We just passed by for a short stop friday one […]

Farmers Market

As mentioned last week, last Saturday we were present for the first time at Farmers Market on Jægersborggade. It was a really great experience for us, although the weather wasn’t really the best. When we set up in the morning it was beautiful sunshine, but as the day progressed the rain started pouring down. Still, […]