We strive to show distinctive, characteristic coffees that complete all corners of the flavour universe in coffee. Accordingly, we do not merely carry coffees from a variety of countries. All coffees have been traded in direct contact with the farmers, with full traceability, fresh harvests, some from single fields – and all of them with fantastic flavours in common.

  • Daterra Sweet Collection Espresso

    Luis Pascoal’s continuing scientific research has established Daterra as one of Brazil most innovative and respected farms. Every bag of coffee can be tracked back to the specific lot. Daterra’s unique Penta® sorting and packaging system sorts out defects and under- or overripe coffee over several steps. Super clean, sweet and perfect for espresso.

  • El Desarollo

    The association El Desarollo consist of 183 farmers, who each have their own wetmill and between one and seven hectars of land. They primarily grow Caturra, Colombia and Typica varieties at an elevation of 1.400 to 1.850 masl.

  • Gituara

    The Gituara wet mill is situated on the southern border to Mount Kenya national park at 1820 masl. It's a cooperative of around 400 coffee farmers. They grow the two Kenyan varieties SL28 and SL34, which is famous for its high acidity and fruity aroma.

  • Kieni

    The Kieni wet mill is part of the Mugaga society and managed Charles Mwai Ihatu We’ve visited and bought from them every year since 2010 and continue to be impressed with their very high quality. At the mill the coffee is depulped and fermented in two sets of tanks with an intermediate washing after approximately 10 hours. It is then washed with clean water before drying on raised beds.

  • La Esmeralda Special

    The real auction lots are probably the wildest, most aromatic coffee in the world. At Hacienda La Esmeralda the Peterson’s grow the variety Geisha, which has an amazingly intense floral aroma. The coffee cherries are depulped and mechanically demucilaged. The best lots, named Special, are only sold on their own auction, where we bought one lot for $43.50/lbs FOB which is 20 times the market price.

Espresso blends

Our two espresso blends are composed of coffees from the farmers above and always transparent in their composition. Like a chef loves to play with ingredients to create flavors, we blend for espresso to present two very different and unique experiences.

  • Espresso 1

    Here's our take on a completely wild, aromatic and acidic espresso. With this blend we let ourselves go a little crazy in order to create the best espresso ever. Roasted with a light espresso profile so that the flavors and acidic taste really comes into play.

  • Espresso 2

    Espresso 2 is composed of coffee from two producers that we buy directly from. They are both grown with incredible care, providing a tremendous purity and sweetness in the taste. We have roasted for a medium espresso profile, to create optimal balance between flavors, sweetness and acidity.